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Bringing Coherence to the Mystery


drawing & print 2007-2010

public space

[|Locatie Z]

for colliding vocabularies & unprecedented research

Consider contemporary art, science and music to be specific vocabularies, each a set of (hidden) rules in which ideas can evolve. Locatie Z is founded on the idea that it's worth the effort to bring these highly distinctive vocabularies together in the same space.

Locatie Z provides this physical and conceptual space to explore and develop ideas and forms, exchange perspectives and methods and stimulate experimentation and unprecedented research.


Locatie Z is currently located at Villa Ockenburgh, The Hague, housing 14 studios and a project space, organizing a program for and by artists, scientists, musicians and a curious audience.

Locatie Z Villa Ockenburgh
Monsterseweg 4
2553 RL Den Haag NL


Too Big To Fail

April - October 2015: Resistance Piece @ DordtYart 2015

April - October 2015: The Meeting of the Eye @ DordtYart 2015

June - July 2015: Acting on Impasse @ Joey Ramone, Rotterdam (solo)
NL blogs: blikvangen / chmkoome / trendbeheer

'Constructing Discoveries: An Interview with Thijs Ebbe Fokkens'
.pdf download (published May 2014 on

TOO BIG TO FAIL 2011 (video documentation)

'Thijs Ebbe Fokkens, dreaming about art and science'
text by Michael van Hoogenhuyze (October 2012)

'Digging up...Thijs Ebbe Fokkens' interview 5uur...! (November 2013)

'For Real' recensie Sascia Vos (Oktober 2013)

'TOO BIG TO FAIL' recensie Charles Veldhuijzen (December 2011)

Hole in One

The Aleph

photo editions

For Real

The Meeting of the Eye

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Resistance Piece

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Acting on Impasse